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Stick to your health and walk with us !

Send an e-mail to: and request information; - we will reply to you with a six page pdf.file attachment.

File is called: HOW TO Nordic Walk.

Improve your walking technique !
American Nordic Walking Association has seminars and training available. You can become certified instructor . . . see details at:


Find out local promotions and walking opportunities right on our "HOME PAGE".


Walkway at Courtney-Campbell (Hwy 60)2-1/2 miles west of Rocky Point Drive. (last traffic light before the bridge on the Hillsborough side). Turn (left) south at light and park along the walkway. This is a beautiful location right on the Bay.

Upper Tampa Bay Fitness Trail at Wilsky. 1 mile east of Sheldon on Linebaugh. Turn (left) north on Wilsky and continue 2/10 of a mile. The parking lot is on the left next to the trail.

Bayshore. There is a small parking lot right in front of the Gasparilla ship.

Pinellas Trail. Get on the trail at Park Boulevard and walk North. We offer training at this location for groups of 10 and more walkers.
Please call us: 813 340-5923 so that specific arrangements can be made in terms of exact time and place ...

Contact our walking staff for equipment, training, and specific walking times, as they may change. We use specially designed “Walking Poles“ for our full-body walking exercise.
Private lessons are available for anyone wanting to improve their Nordic walking technique. Additionally we offer " train the trainer" sessions with focus on more advanced, fast pace walking. Recommended for personal trainers.

Limited space available for free training. . .

Using the poles makes stretching more efficient. There are a variety of stretching techniques available for Nordic-style fitness walkers. \_/ TRAINING AND PRODUCT AVAILABLE FROM WP Inc. AND FROM THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS PARTNERS: ( s e e l i n k s )

Florida store








Set of Nordic Composite walking poles is a great way to practice full body walking exercise. Poles are a one-time investment and only $ 68.50 per set. 



Wrist Strap
The adjustable wrist strap provides important support during the stride. Nordic Composite strap system is patented and enables correct load distribution. This upgraded strap is interchangeable on all the Nordic Composite walking poles.  Straps will last thousands of miles and replacement is only $14.05 / pair.


Tip of the POLE

The heat treated steel spike works well on any softer terrain such as: gravel, grass, sandy beach etc., and is quite practical on slippery surfaces, ice, for instance.



 Nordic Composite STREAM
 is carbon fiber composite 
 velcro style wrist strap . . . 
suggested retail price $ 125.00




Boot is made out of material which is similar to a car tire and it provides necessary friction and shock absorption on asphalt, pavement etc. When not needed, this rubber boot is easily removable.  Replacements are available for $ 9.35 / pair.


Composite poles are made from fiberglass and resin - or fiberglass, resin, and carbon fiber. The shaft is hollow yet durable. The handle is ergonomically designed: two styles are available. The adjustable wrist strap provides important support during the stride.
Depending on the walking surface, either the asphalt boot or the steel spike is used for ground contact.

Nordic Composite ...

Fitness Walking POLEs give you a full-body workout which is:


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... poles are light weight and flexible, enabling better swinging motion. Proper pole length for Nordic Walking is approximately 70% of the person's height. Fixed-length poles are available in 42", 44", 46", 48", 50" and 52" sizes. Other customized lengths are available by special order. The supportive wrist strap enables relaxed neck and shoulders and good blood flow during the exercise. Friction point is the rubber boot or (if the boot is removed) the steel spike.
Nordic Composite poles are specially designed for Nordic-style fitness walking exercise.